About Us

FEDOUR is an emerging aquarium brand established in 2018. But the brand founder has been exploring the aquarium field for twenty years. Aquatic creatures are mysterious and dynamic, so attractive to humans. How can aquarium enthusiasts not only fully enjoy the fun of aquarium, but also easily maintain their aquarium? With such doubts and pursuits, the brand founder has carefully studied various aquatic products and continuously upgraded them based on customer feedback. Our products cover the daily maintenance needs of aquarium, including aquarium lights, fish tank heaters, air pumps, water pumps, sterilization lamps, filters, etc., all the products are popular and enjoy a high reputation.

Customer experience first is the purpose of FEDOUR. The development and improvement of the product depend on the customer's experience of use, so that the product can really meet the customer’s need and bring convenience to the customer. Each product must have a lengthy testing before being launched in order to avoid any potential problems and improve user experience.

FEDOUR promises to be responsible for products. If customers have any questions with the product, please feel free to contact us immediately and we will do our best to solve the problem for you.